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    homemade cleaning supplies

    How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

    It is easy to make your own non-toxic natural cleaning products, and they work just as well as commercial cleansers – but without the chemicals!

    5 of the Best Brain Foods You Should Be Eating

    These foods are not only good for the body but can provide outstanding benefits for the brain, aiding concentration and memory function.
    spring cleaning

    Simple & Healthful Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

    Take a more sustainable, natural, and healthy approach to this year's spring cleaning. Here are some helpful eco-friendly spring cleaning tips.
    Creamy mango smoothie

    Creamy Mango Smoothie Recipe

    This creamy mango smoothie is very smooth and moreish with a hint of maple and vanilla. Try this delicious and nutritious snack that kids also love!
    sustainable car fuels

    Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars: Which One Is The Future of Green Motoring?

    A look at merits of two types of sustainable car fuels (electric vs. fuel cells) that may power the future of transportation.
    eco-friendly habits - gardening

    The Value of Gardening as a Hobby

    Gardening as a hobby is a calming and rewarding activity. Here are the different ways people thrive alongside their gardens.
    teff grain in a bowl

    Teff: The Healthy Sustainable Superfood

    Teff is a small fine grain native to Ethiopia (and now in other regions) that's nutrient-dense, gluten-free, and sustainable. Here's a look at what makes this grain a superfood, plus its health and sustainability benefits
    cool solar panel alternatives

    6 Cool Solar Panel Alternatives For Your Home

    Solar energy is clean, efficient, and appealing. However, not everyone likes a full, or complicated setup. Here are some solar panel alternatives for every household need.

    Electric batteries: the future of transportation

    How do we tackle climate change and global warming? One way could be adopting newer technologies especially in one major area: Transportation. Here's a look at some of the best electric battery technologies.
    net-zero house-design

    Design Solutions for Net-Zero Homes

    A Net-Zero Home is a sustainable building development producing more, or equal amounts of clean energy that they require. Building one requires proper planning from the start.


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