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The Most Awe-Inspiring Photos & Videos from National Geographic , Week of Jan 15

Earth is breathtaking. To help capture the beauty of our planet and its wildlife, we’ve collected the most awe-inspiring photos from National Geographic this week.
green investing

7 Tips and Tricks to Grow a Sustainable Green Thumb

Learning to garden can quickly go from hobby to obsession. If you get really good at it, it can be a business. No matter what you learn, you will always have ways to learn more. Connect with gardeners who grow what you love to eat or the flowers you adore to learn more each season.
drinking water

3 Reasons You Should Install a Water Filter In Your Home

Installing a water filter in your home is the perfect way to simultaneously improve your drinking water while lowering your environmental impact. A good water filter will also save you money on drinking water costs. 
Turmeric Chicken with Braised Ginger Scallions

Turmeric Chicken with Braised Ginger Scallions

When it comes to fighting the winter chill, don't just make comfort food – make warming food. Both turmeric and ginger are good for circulation, which can keep you warmer on those cold days. The other added benefit? Turmeric makes every food it touches look like a brilliantly sunny day. So, if the gray weather gets you down, add a little turmeric to rice and chicken dishes.
air quality infographic

The Best Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality [Infographic]

A key part of healthy living is the air you breathe — whether that’s indoors or outdoors. While there isn't much you can do about the pollution in your city or neighborhood, you can take control over the air in your own home. This infographic shows the best plant choices to keep in your home for cleaner indoor air.
Sustainable Sneakers From Major Apparel Brands

The Best Sustainable Sneakers From Major Apparel Brands

Ethical shoe brands like Rothy’s, For Your Earth, and many others, have grown in popularity in recent years. However, their popularity still doesn’t compare to that of major name brands like Nike, Adidas, or Converse. Now, however, even the major footwear brands are beginning to embrace sustainable sneaker production –– which should in short time drastically expand the number of consumers buying shoes responsibly. Here’s a list of some of the best sustainable sneakers from major apparel brands.
sustainable water treatment 1

Sustainable Water Treatment Transforms Our Planet and Our Health

Water is an essential, basic component of life that serves various purposes. Whether it’s for drinking, bathing or industrial use, it needs to be treated so it does not harm the environment or the people living in communities worldwide. What is sustainable water treatment, and why is it vital? Various technologies are being used to benefit public health and the environment. Here’s what their impact means for people and the planet.
protein coconut snowballs

Protein Packed Coconut Snowballs Recipe

These coconut power balls are a great source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids needed for repair and for a healthy immune system. The almonds and fresh dates also a good source of vitamin E and minerals.
green investing

Green Investing 101: Protect the Planet for Fun & Profit in 2022

Green investors typically monitor the environment and look for companies that are spending their time, effort, and money into creating new technologies or products that will help preserve resources while adding value to the economy. They invest in these companies in the hopes of protecting the environment for us all and making a profit down the road.
Fuel conservation resolutions 2022

4 Fuel Conservation Resolutions For The New Year

Most of us try our best to limit the amount of times we visit the gas pump. But as our busy daily routines take center stage, sometimes we forget the little things that cast a greater foundation for fuel conservation. And it's here, the little things, that we can (and should) do better while out on the road. These fuel conservation tips go beyond a rehash of some of the familiar fuel conservation tips you may or may not have read before.


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