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    Sue is a mom of two little girls and has a passion for finding things that will bring more fun to the everyday. Making the choice to be as eco-friendly as possible, this gal knows that eco does not mean sacrificing your personal style.

The Toddler Recycling Project

A few days ago, I wrote a post titled A Mother’s Green Commitment, where one of my key green commitments for 2011 was to teach my two year old the concept of ... Read more.

The Black Mold Bath Toy

So, not only are we the “new family of kids on the block” but we are also the new “green family” on the block. Moving from large city to small town has ... Read more.

A Mother’s Green Commitment

The move from the city to the country, more specifically wine country, has been quite the change for a family of busy bodies from the heart of the city. But six... Read more.