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The Living Kitchen Wellness Group is based out of Toronto, ON and offers internet based nutrition programs complete with menu plans, recipes, grocery lists, and educational material. They also offer private nutritional consulting, bring joy back to eating and teach people how to intuitively know what to eat for their body.

For more recipes and inspiration, check out: www.livingkitchenwellness.com.

Savory Gluten Free Waffles 3

Savory Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

These gluten-free waffles are easy to make and are just as fluffy and light as normal waffles. If you are partial to the berries and maple syrup, these waffles can always be served traditionally.
Apple Crumble Recipe Ingredients

Raw Apple Crumble Recipe

Fall is by far one of our favorite seasons. Although the weather is getting cooler and layers of clothing are being piled on –...

Early Fall Frittata

Fall is one of our absolute favorite times of the year to cook nourishing, warming food, especially when the ingredients come from our local...
Lime Summer Quinoa Salad

Lime Summer Quinoa Salad Recipe

Looking for a great dish to serve for dinner at end-of-summer picnics and dinners?This quinoa salad is so simple to make and full of...
Moroccan White Fish

Moroccan White Fish Recipe

Light, vegetable filled meals are the best in August, when there is such an abundance of local, fresh vegetables available. If you eat fish,...
Tahini Olive Oil Cookies

Tahini Olive Oil Cookies Recipe

We can barely believe this recipes actually makes cookies, because it seems almost too easy.This minimal ingredient list makes a treat that is similar...
Minty Fig Lentil Salad

Minty Fig Lentil Salad Recipe

Try this delicious minty fig lentil salad recipe for a treat that is also environmentally friendly and nutritious.You won’t want to miss out on...

Blueberry Pie Smoothie Recipe

Blueberries, like all berries, are a great choice when you are watching your blood sugar or wanting to reduce your sugar intake.  Ginger is...

Dreamy Peach Coconut Smoothie Recipe

It's summer and sometimes we want a really cooling, refreshing drink to get us going in the morning or to pick us up in...
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Healthy Power Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Sweets and desserts always taste good, but sometimes the effect they have on the body is not so good.  Desserts cause blood sugar level...