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air conditioner

How An Air Conditioning Tune-Up Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Air conditioning is one of the many modern conveniences that you simply can’t live without. You need it to stay cool and comfortable within...
energy efficient windows

Understanding How your Windows can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How can your windows make your home more energy efficient? That conundrum bothered the brains of physicists until sometime in the 19th century. Building...
Solar Roadways Prototype

Solar Roadways: A Real Possibility, or Just a Pipe Dream?

Few people question the value of renewable energy sources, as our world continues on a rampage of consumption and environmental damage. The problem with...
Offshore Wind Turbines

Five Huge Advancements in Alternative Energy to Watch for in 2015

The alternative energy industry continues to surge in the global marketplace, and technological advancements promise rewards for both consumers and investors. These innovations are normally...
compost pile

10 Items You Should Never Add To Your Compost Pile

Rather than transferring the biodegradable kitchen and household waste to the landfill, building a compost pile is a practical solution to the waste problem....

Get Familiar With Recycling: What Can & Can’t Be Reused And Other Options

People and municipalities across the world are recognizing the importance of recycling in the effort of curtailing the negative effects of pollution. However, recycling...
going green

Environment Aware: 6 Changes You Can Make That Make A Difference

Every household can make a difference in the rapid pace of global warming by making a few, simple changes. For the most part, these...

The 5 Best Green Vehicles on the Market Today, and Why You Should Invest...

Confess. You are not really the “green car” type. You want a classy car that turns people's heads and is good for the work...

Starting Your First Garden? Follow 6 No-Fail Tips to Create Your Own Oasis

Some people love to garden. Others wish a garden would just spring up and give them a beautiful place to unwind. Either way, a...
Messy Room

Want to Live Green? How Clutter Effects Those Efforts

Clutter; The word itself is enough to make you feel claustrophobic. Getting some breathing space by reducing clutter can not only help your well-being...




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