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green data center

The Benefits of Using a Green Data Center

Smartphones have made high-definition video and photography available to almost anyone, resulting in an endless growth in new data that must be stored and...
green roof apartment

Simple Ways of Turning your Roof into a Model of Green Living

Many people start on renovating the roof when they want to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Not only will you be doing...
solar panel system

Thinking of Going Solar? These are 5 Questions You Must Consider

The popularity about going solar often creates a misconception amongst home owners as to the true benefits of installing solar panels at their home. If...
business team

How Going Green Can Improve Employee Engagement

There’s no denying it, the American workforce has evolved to a point where they no longer view work purely as a way to collect...
millennials having coffee

8 Simple Sustainability Tips for Millennials

Millennials are arguably the most globally-aware generation ever. 20- to 30-somethings are plugged into the news, opinions, and cultural movements that affect people from across...
The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble

In 1972 the Apollo 17 spacecraft shared a picture of the whole earth and called it the Blue Marble. Although the evolution of sustainability...
solar panels

3 Solar-Powered Appliances That Will Save You Money

Dreaming of living life off the grid? We at Modernize are strong supporters of a minimalist and eco-friendly way of living—which is why we...
solar panels

3D Printed Solar Panels: The Next Step in the Renewable Energy Revolution

Thanks to developments in 3D printing technologies, people will be able to manufacture their own solar panels and customize them to their own needs.
residential solar

Solar’s Business Innovation: How Creative Financing and Energy Exchanges Are Accelerating the Adoption of...

It’s no accident that renewable energy companies don’t have access to the same economic advantages that fossil fuel companies do. The fossil fuel industry has had a century...

How to Keep Critters Out of Your Garden

Nothing is quite as frustrating as working all season to cultivate the perfect fruits, vegetables, and flowers, only to lose half of your crop...