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Greener Ideal strives to help you live your life in more sustainable ways with green living tips, healthy recipes and commentary on the latest environment news.

We want to protect the planet and reduce our collective carbon footprint.


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Solar’s Business Innovation: How Creative Financing and Energy Exchanges Are Accelerating the Adoption of Clean Energy

It’s no accident that renewable energy companies don’t have access to the same economic advantages that fossil fuel companies do. The fossil fuel industry has had a century of a head start, [...]

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medicine mama1

Medicine Mama – Bee Magic review

Despite living in the Pacific NorthWet –excuse me, NorthWest– my skin gets inanely dry. So when I find a product that can turn my scales into like, real human skin, I have to share. I recently had the chance to try some Bee Magic products from Medicine Mama Apothecary and within a week of using their Sweet Bee Magic [...]

Jessica Linnay