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Eco-Friendly hiking tips

The Eco-Friendly Hiking Guide

Going hiking or camping is a magical experience, the beautiful and natural surroundings can enchant you and make you feel like you are in a whole other world. Before you next go on an outdoor adventure, check out these great Eco-friendly hiking tips to keep you green on your next adventure!
Sustainability Tips for Millennials

8 Simple Sustainability Tips for Millennials

Millennials realize that living sustainably is important—and, if done right, can be really simple. Here are several practical ways that millennials can live in a more sustainable way.
Exercising the Eco-Friendly Way

Exercising the Eco-Friendly Way: 5 Tips for Success

Making a few changes to your workout routine can make a big difference for the Earth.
park exercise

How Parks Encourage Exercise

Most people would agree that being active will improve health, but say the word “exercise” and they think hard work, sweating and engaging in activities that are strict and...
outdoor gym

Are All Green Exercise Machines Equal?

Last time, we discussed the different ways consumers can embrace Green Fitness. Now let’s take it a step further by going a bit deeper into our comparison of Green...
hamster wheel

Is there something more to that hamster wheel?

Who hasn’t laughed at a cartoon or commercial of a hamster running on a wheel to generate electricity?  The idea that motion or kinetic energy could be a source...

Yoga Isn’t for Sissies

I can’t even begin to count how many times someone has suggested to me that I incorporate yoga into my fitness routine. For some reason, I just couldn’t get...
Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Exercises: Yoga

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep exercising! Yoga can be especially good for pregnant woman; allowing you to keep up exercise throughout your pregnancy without the intensity of many other types of regular exercise.

Getting Active for Parents

It’s a fact that children are more inclined to exercise when their parents are active. Fitting exercise into your busy lifestyle might seem a bit overwhelming, and the time...

A Roundup of Greener Ways to Exercise

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or you consider yourself a guru of all things exercise, here are some ways you can not only kick your workout up a notch, but you can go green at the same time.


collect rainwater for environmentally friendly gardening

The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

In this article, we outline why every homeowner should have a rain barrel set up for rainwater harvesting, how to set up your rain barrel, and some of the best uses for rainwater once you collect it.

9 Food Waste Solutions That Are Basically Habits To Save The Earth

Food waste accounts for up to 29% of the amount of trash each year in the US. Here are 9 effective ways to reduce your food waste at home.
growing plants in a greenhouse

13 Advantages Of Growing Plants Within A Greenhouse

If you’re considering growing plants inside a greenhouse, here are 13 obdurate advantages you’ll definitely like to know and utilize as well.

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4 Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain Without Harmful Chemicals

There are several inexpensive and non-toxic methods you can use to unclog drains in your home with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets.
what to burn and not in the fireplace

What You Can (and Shouldn’t!) Burn in Your Fireplace

However you choose to while away the colder winter months, careful consideration of what to burn in the fireplace is one way to make greener choices.
breakthroughs in solar

The Latest Developments and Breakthroughs in Solar

The solar industry has come a long way in just the last few years. The latest developments and breakthroughs in solar technology include longer-lasting solar cells, solar cells that you can print onto flexible surfaces, solar panels that track the sun from east to west throughout the day, and solar power plants that work at night. Here's a breakdown of the breakthroughs we're most excited about.

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