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Greener Ideal strives to help you live your life in more sustainable ways with green living tips, healthy recipes and commentary on the latest environment news.

We want to protect the planet and reduce our collective carbon footprint.


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Research shows black bears can count

Remember the bear family in that Goldilocks fairy tale we all loved? We all liked to believe those bears lived the life of regular humans — eating home-cooked porridge meals, sleeping in regular beds, and leaving the home for short family road trips. But there’s a new study out there that makes it kind of fun to believe that [...]

Madison E. Rowe

It’s a Vegetation Invasion!

This school year the teachers are in trouble– and the first bell hasn’t even rung! Canadian news is buzzing with warnings that many teachers using live organisms as teaching tools are wrongly disposing of their subjects afterward (read: letting them go outside) and that “many of the most popular species including crayfish, [...]

Jessica Linnay