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Environmental Report: Green space is good for your health

Ian AndrewIan Andrew
Environmental Report: Green space is good for your health

Alessia Cravero

A new study released by the Environmental Health Research Foundation shows that preserving green space isn’t just good for our environment, it’s good for our health as well. The new report called Benefits of Green Space looks at all of the benefits of conserving land and backs it up with peer-reviewed research.


What the study found

However obvious it may seem, the study concluded the following were benefits to the environment from preserving green space:

  • Erosion Control and Run-Off Prevention
  • Water Purification
  • Air Purification
  • Temperature Modification/Energy and Cost saving from reduced A/C usage
  • Oxygen Generation
  • Carbon sequestration

On the health side of the ‘green space’ spectrum, the research showed that preserving turfgrass provides:

  • More space for recreational activities
  • Increased Physical Activity/Reducing Obesity
  • Healthcare/Stress Reduction

According to the study, being in green space for only a few minutes reduces stress levels significantly.


What we should learn from this

First, everyone should try and get outside more. After all, this research shows that our society would be a lot happier if each person spent a few more minutes outside every day. Secondly, we should do everything we can to preserve the green space that is available, and do what we can to recover any that has been lost. Learning about the benefits of fresh air and healthy eating can be found with a masters degree nutrition education by providing many life long lessons.

So get outside today and enjoy some fresh air – it will do you and your health some good!

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ian is the co-founder and managing editor of Greener Ideal.