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How efficient are your appliances?

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
How efficient are your appliances?

Rather than choosing by brand or added features, consumers are increasingly turning to energy efficient appliances when the time comes to purchase a replacement white good. But just how efficient can an appliance be? Is it possible to save energy without purchasing replacements?

Smart meters

Smart meters can help consumers keep track of their appliance usage and are the new method for keeping homeowners energy-saving savvy, and make it possible to monitor the energy usage as the appliance is turned on. Although most modern appliances are sold with a letter based energy rating, many older appliances give consumers no indication of their efficiency. After installing a smart meter, the efficiency can be monitored and often help determine how often to use the appliance.


Many appliances, such as washing machines and tumble dryers, allow users to alter the temperature at which they operate. Despite there being few options, even small alterations can make a significant difference to the energy efficiency of the appliance. For example, by washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than at a higher setting, a washing machine will use around 40% less energy, which over the year can make a notable difference to both their environmental impact and your utility bills.

New appliances

Many old appliances use up more energy than modern, energy efficient appliances. Thanks to the increasing importance of the energy efficiency of appliances, brands are constantly improving the efficiency of their products in order to keep up with competitors. But despite the constant changes in appliance standards, it is possible to stay in line with technological advances without buying replacements every year.

With shopping sites like Littlewoods offering great deals on pay weekly washing machines, it’s easy to spread the cost of purchasing a new machine over a number of months – lessening the financial burden when it’s time to replace your appliances.

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  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    All my major appliances rate at 9.1 or better!