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Is it possible To Have a Green Wedding?

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
Is it possible To Have a Green Wedding?

If you are trying to live your life as environmentally friendly as possible then a wedding may be your worst nightmare. Don’t panic, it is possible to have a Green Wedding!

First of all it is a case of planning and then thinking ‘is there a way to do this differently’? If you are looking at venues consider having your wedding and reception in the same venue, this will cut down on the need to transport people from one place to another.

Once you have decided upon your venue, the next step is to let everybody know about it! Wedding invitations are traditionally printed on card; the greener option is to email your guests. Sending email invitations is not as bad as it sounds, there are many websites now that specialise in pretty wedding invitations that you can send online to your guests.

If the venue allows your guest to throw confetti, look for dried petal confetti, not only does it look prettier but it is an all-natural product that won’t cause any harm to wildlife and will biodegrade naturally. There are many reliable sites online that can provide you with it.

Think about the table plan and write the name or number of your tables on chalkboards, the same can be done for the menus.

Don’t splash out on a veil that is only going to be worn once. A headpiece that can be worn again can be tailored to compliment your dress or outfit. You can even design your own from vintage buttons, old jewellery and fabric that you have around. The same goes for dresses, there’s no need to spend a small fortune on a dress you will never wear again, plus the damage to the environment it produces as it is manufactured. Look at charity shops, vintage shops and restyle them for your special day. Or go for a cocktail dress style that you can wash at 30°C, wear again and adorn it with a unique embellishment.

If you are having attendants for at your wedding as a thank you look bridesmaid gift ideas it is useful to pick something that they will want to use time and time again. Maybe something that will be a lasting reminder of the special day they shared with you.

If you are hosting your own reception then look to use your own crockery and dishes instead of paper and plastic tableware. You can personalise it by using slate boards to serve your dishes on and then you can keep this as a lasting reminder of your special day.

So with a bit of careful planning it is easy to make your wedding that little bit greener. The easiest way is to take a look at what you can change to make the whole day more environmentally friendly, from your initial planning stage right through to the last dance! In order to make a significant change it helps to hold that ideal all the way through and you can rest safely in the knowledge that your special day has been special in every single way!

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