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Benefits Of Using A VFD In Your Building

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Benefits Of Using A VFD In Your Building

According to an analysis by the Department of Energy, over half of the electricity used by U.S. industry today is consumed by motor driven equipment. With greater emphasis being placed on the reduction of energy consumption today, the invention of VFDs (variable frequency drives) has made a major contribution to energy savings.

VFDs are electrical devices that can be installed unto motor driven equipment to regulate motor speed in an effort to reduce energy consumption. In the case of HVAC equipment, VFDs enable you to control the rate at which motors operate in order to use less energy. Less energy consumption results in less expense to run this vital equipment.


How VFDs Work

Variable frequency drives allow you to change the voltage and frequency of electrical motors that run HVAC equipment in your building to better coincide with your specific needs. Without VFDs, electrical motors run at one constant speed, even if that speed exceeds the actual need. Motors that power HVAC systems don’t need to operate at full capacity on a consistent basis. Installing a VFD to this equipment gives you greater control over the equipment’s output with the ability to reduce motor capacity to suit the need. This will help your facility to save on energy costs and consumption.

Benefits of VFDs

Long term reduction of energy consumption is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of variable frequency devices. Since their inception, VFDs have been instrumental in reducing energy expenditure and costs for U.S. industries around the country. But the benefits don’t stop there.

VFDs also help to reduce wear and tear on mechanical equipment by eliminating motor surges and decreasing pressure on motor bearings, fan belt and other essential components. As a result, these parts operate more smoothly and last longer, which reduces the cost of motor maintenance and repair. In short, the use of a VFD will improve the function of your equipment and increase its longevity.

Installing a VFD for the HVAC equipment in your building is a worthwhile investment in many ways. Not only will you save on energy consumption and reduce energy costs, but your equipment will run smoother, last longer and operate more efficiently. VFDs have also been known to reduce the noise level of operating equipment while enhancing its performance. Some exhaust fans can be extremely noisy when run at full capacity, irritating occupants who are sensitive to noisy environments. With a variable frequency device, exhaust fans can be run at reduced speeds, bringing down the noise level substantially.

All manner of facilities to include office buildings, apartments, universities, industrial plants, etc., can benefit from what VFDs have to offer. Technological advances in energy saving devices such as VFDs have made a marked difference in helping industries across the country conserve energy and save on energy costs. An investment in VFD technology will enable you to do your part to reduce the consumption of energy and promote a greener environment.

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