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Going Green With Soy Candles

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Going Green With Soy Candles

The world has gone green; from fuel, medication to the food (organic) we eat, then why not go green with soy candles. Soy wax candles are usually held in containers, to prevent melting in hot weather, as they have a lower melting point than other traditional wax candles. Although the soy wax can still be mixed with other additives to raise the melting point to temperatures typical for paraffin-based candles and made into soy wax pillar candles.

Soy wax can be mixed with perfumes to produce scented soy wax candles. Do you light candles at home or give them as gifts? You can get them in supermarkets, specialized stores or you can even buy them online.

Better still you can also learn how to make them at home; it is easy and very rewarding. More people have come to realize that burning paraffin candles in their homes has harmful effects on their health from the soot and harmful emissions. You will certainly enjoy the fragrance from these candles as they burn slowly allowing the delicate scent linger in the air for longer.

In addition, soy wax being water – soluble can be cleaned with soapy water and easily extracted from glass and other materials in case of wax spills; this also makes it easy to recycle these candles. Soy candles is the way to go.

Soy based tapers come in different varieties; some are a mixture of different waxes; soy wax and a blend of paraffin, palm or bees wax, to enhance texture. Candle additives such as vybar, stearic acid, petrolatum, bht crystals or perfumes can sometimes be used when making soy candles, to add fragrance when burnt.


Advantages of using soy wax candles

Using candles made from soybeans has numerous advantages over other types of candles: Soy wax candles are cheaper than paraffin and bee wax based candles. Beeswax has been used as alternative to paraffin, but to achieve the same result as that of soy-based candles, it would be very expensive.

Very little of the soy bean gets wasted; this makes it an economical crop to grow, as a product and as an ingredient in producing soy wax candles. This makes soy wax a cost effective and renewable source of producing candles.

It is widely claimed that these unique natural properties of soy wax allow the candle to burn longer by about three times and produce a richer redolence than traditional candles. As such they last longer than bees and paraffin wax candles. Using soy tapers is also said to be safer as compared to using other wax based candles.

Over the past few years, health fears have made consumers shun the use of paraffin wax candles. These petroleum based candles release CO2 and other toxins when burned. When inhaled, these emissions pose a great health risk and can cause serious health issues when multiple candles are burned repeatedly in a household.

Conversely, soy based candles are made from soy wax; a biodegradable natural compound and sustainable resource, that is environmentally friendly to consumers. This wax is clean burning and does not release toxins like petrol soot when lit.

The flavor released by soy tapers is immense and lasting. Soy wax melts at a low melting point, which translates into a cooler flame and more dissolute scent dispersion. The large melted liquid wax pools around the wick releasing that delicate scent into the air.

By buying soy wax candles you support the US farmer and boost our agricultural economy, unlike using paraffin candles that are made from petroleum products that are an import to the US, benefiting other overseas oil conglomerates.

Cleaning paraffin wax spills is difficult, more so on furniture or cloth. However, cleaning soy wax spill is easier; it can be done with plain water or with warm soapy water.

General candle usage safety is standard, however, it is wise to use soy wax candles safely by ensuring you burn them in appropriate containers to avoid spills and snuff them off properly before leaving the room. Also, choose your scent in case of those affected by some scent allergies. Enjoy that fresh fragrance burning your soy tapers!

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    I love soy candles, I recently bought some electrical candles for fire safty due to having kids round the house 🙂

    Great Article thanls