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6 Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon

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6 Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon

A lot has been written on Greener Ideal about how to have an eco-friendly wedding. But have you stopped to consider that your honeymoon could be green, too? Read our top tips to find out how…

1. Stay close to home

See if you can honeymoon in your own country rather than jetting off to Barbados. Flying produces carbon emissions, and cutting it out of your itinerary will be doing the planet a massive favour. For example, here in the UK there are loads of picturesque places where you can ‘get away from it all’.

Why not hire a campervan and road-trip around the coast of Cornwall? Or sleep in a Lake District yurt for accommodation with a difference?

2. Trains can be romantic too

If you do fancy escaping rainy Great Britain, try swapping the long-haul flight for a coach or rail ticket. Eurolines runs frequent coaches to Spanish destinations like Santiago, Granada and Barcelona. You can also get to Paris from London in less than 4 hours by Eurostar (prices starting at £69 return). Who said trains aren’t romantic?

3. Off-set your carbon emissions

Use websites like CarbonFootprint to off-set your carbon emissions. Every time you travel, you’ll produce a carbon footprint. This can then be calculated and money donated to renewable energy initiatives to counteract the effect.

4. Choose an eco-friendly hotel

Choose a hotel that responds to your needs as well as the needs of the environment. And this doesn’t just mean asking you to reuse your towel! How energy efficient is it? Does it generate its own electricity? What is its waste disposal policy?

These are all pertinent questions that should be answered by the hotel’s website.

5. Green up your hire car

If you can’t walk everywhere or use public transport, why not hire a fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicle? In Britain, companies like Go Green Rental and Green Motion are doing a great job of making car hire eco-friendly. And the more that customers demand green products and services, the more businesses will be obliged to offer them.

6. Spend your holiday pennies wisely

Think carefully about what souvenirs to buy. Stay away from counterfeit goods, as these are likely to be funding organised crime rather than the local economy. Avoid plastic souvenirs if you can, as they are carbon-intensive to produce.

See if you can spend your money instead on locally-sourced handmade goods. Also, farmer’s markets are a great place to look.

So you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your honeymoon eco-friendly. Don’t worry too much about getting it 100% right. The trip should mainly be about you and your partner having an awesome time together. But if you can spread some love to the planet as well – even better! 

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