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IF WE Challenge

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IF WE Challenge

An interesting initiative from Dassault Systèmes, the “IF WE Challenge” campaign has collected ideas for a more sustainable society from all over the world.

A competition was run across Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services that encouraged people to give their own thoughts about the future in under 140 characters. More than 500 responses were submitted, and from these twenty have been selected to be put to a Jury who will now choose the top three to be made into projects sponsored by Dassault.

Examples that people came up with included:

  • Using sound energy to generate electricity
  • Sweating buildings to regulate the temperature in cities
  • Roads that charge electric cars as they’re driving

Personally, I’d like:

  • Affordable home electrical systems that could tell when you’re not using them and automatically switch themselves off
  • Lights that dim and brighten according to the level of brightness outside
  • Some kind of ecological rewards card that would give people points for living greenly, which they could them redeem against their utility bills or weekly shopping

What about you? What would you like to see for a sustainable future? Check out the video below for some more inspiration. 

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