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Greener Ideal strives to help you live your life in more sustainable ways with green living tips, healthy recipes and commentary on the latest environment news.

We want to protect the planet and reduce our collective carbon footprint.


Greener Ideal


Do your part and become a green business. There are more green companies today than ever before, make yours a green company.

Going Green with Cloud Computing

Looking for ways to help the planet? While cloud computing may not seem all that eco-friendly at first glance, a closer look reveals a number of green benefits. Here are some of the ways that the cloud can help your organization cut its carbon footprint down to size: Fewer Machines Thanks to virtualization and server utilization rates of [...]

Contributing Authors

The Rise Of The Green Machines: An Interview

You’d imagine that making goods and services more easily available and quicker to access would involve more people, effort and resources. Not necessarily. The world of the self-service kiosks has really come to the forefront with the technological advances of the last 5-10 years. We talk to Julian Rooney of UK bespoke Kiosk business [...]


How To Create A Self-Sufficient Office

You might not think the office is a place where you could be green and self-sufficient, but in reality it’s one of the best places to care for the environment – as well as your health. Most of the following tips are beneficial to both you as a worker and to the company you work for as a whole. Having a healthier lifestyle and attitude [...]

Louise Blake

Chevron Goes Back on Biofuel Promise

  Chevron is known for being one of the biggest multinational fuel organisations in the world, ranked America’s third largest corporation in the Fortune 500 from 2007-2012. Chevron sources traditional energy sources, oil, natural gas and oil sands, as well as renewable geothermal and solar energy. In 2007, Chevron helped to write [...]

Contributing Authors

Building an Efficient Commercial Kitchen

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners do not realize that each time they open their doors for business, they are unknowing guzzling energy, throwing away profits and polluting the environment. Whether you are designing a new restaurant and re-designing an existing restaurant, going green and changing a few daily behaviors can reduce [...]

Alan Rosinski