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How Businesses Are Committing to Green Energy Spending in 2014

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
How Businesses Are Committing to Green Energy Spending in 2014


It’s pretty easy to understand why larger companies would want to conserve energy: it can be expensive from the large amounts of manufacturing, air conditioning for employees, and much more. When you combine all of these energy needs together, you need a lot of energy for a single company. Lately, many large companies have become greener in their energy spending, and small businesses should use them as an example. There are so many benefits for ‘going green’ on your energy spending, including saving money.


Who’s Doing It

In April of 2014, Google invested over $100 million dollars into SunPower Corporation to help finance residential solar installations. This investment, along with the $150 million promised by SunPower, will help thousands of residential homeowners across the United States power their home with renewable solar energy. Overall, Google has invested over $1 billion to renewable energy projects.

Likewise, Intel has been the number 1 renewable energy company in the United States for three years in a row. The company manages to use all of its 3.1 billion kilowatt-hours a year on renewable energy sources. Intel uses many different kinds of energy including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and hydro power. This approach to using many different sources of energy is a great way to help the environment and can also be used by small businesses and residents alike.

Another major company that is a leader in green energy is Kohl’s department stores. In 2006, Kohl’s created a long term plan to become more sustainable. Since then, the entire amount of energy that they use is green, including solar panels, 284 LEED certified buildings, and 76 charging stations for electric vehicles around the country. Recognized as the EPA Green Power Partner of the Year three times, Kohl’s focuses on solar power and building green sustainable buildings. When building an office or work space from the ground up, it is much easier for small businesses to make long term green energy differences.


Why Small Businesses Can Do It Too

Not only is investing in renewable energy sources great for the environment, but it can also end up paying you back in the long run. Many people and companies who have used solar energy are not only getting paid to produce it, but they are also able to use the energy they produce which lessens their power bills.Although the initial investment can be pretty expensive, many of the renewable sources end up paying for themselves within years of installing them.

Of course, there are some sources that businesses are unable to either physically or monetarily do, which is why it is good to look at your options before you decide on a source. Such as, you need to have access to a roof for solar energy, or the amount of space that a biomass takes up is quite a lot, especially for the woodchips you need to use for burning.

If your company is unable to install renewable energy technology, there are also ways to be involved which include purchasing a renewable energy certificate (also known as a green tag) which represents property rights to the environmental, social, and other non-power qualities of renewable electricity production.

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