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Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Arria Belli

When choosing material for a new roof, environmentally aware home owners are choosing to use materials that will not damage the earth. This is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of roofing.

One new option in roofing materials is a corrugated asphalt roof. Half of the material used to make it is recycled, making an asphalt roof an environmentally friendly choice in roofing materials. This means that the landfills are not receiving as much material as they used to. By using corrugated asphalt roofs, we are saving 40 tons of waste from ending up in landfills. Once we have recycled a ton of materials we have saved 17 trees in the process, as well as 2.5 barrels of oil and 24,000 gallons of water.

Another environmentally friendly roofing material is foam. A foam roof will last the lifetime of the house and is excellent at preventing water from leaking into the house through the roof. The insulation provided by the foam reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the house in the winter and cool it off in the summer. The use of a foam roof is also another effective way to keep our landfills less full.

Shingles that have been recycled are another good choice for roofing material that is environmentally friendly. The shingles are recycled from old pieces of wood fiber, rubber and plastic. Recycled shingles can be made of either industrial waste or consumer waste. Regardless of which type they are made from, you would never know just by looking at them. The more we use recycled materials in the construction of roof materials, the less raw materials need to be used. When we use fewer raw materials we cut down on pollution and the consumption of new energy.

Wooden shingles can be made from materials that were created with reclaimed lumber. The reclaimed lumber used in roofing is usually made by taking wood from bridges and mills. The key is to find wood made locally because this means less energy was used transporting the wood to the site were the roofs were built.

Other materials that can be used to make an environmentally friendly roof are:

  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Metal

Since it is a material found in nature, slate is a popular choice because it is very durable. Slate that has been salvaged from previous products is used to make roofing, as well as clay roof tiles. However, clay does not last as long as slate does.

Most of the metal used in making roofs is already recycled. At the end of its life, a metal roof can be recycled to make a new roof. A metal roof is also a good way to save and use rain water.

Recycled aluminum is another material used to make environmentally friendly roofs. Most of the time the aluminum used comes from soda cans.

If you are interested in having an environmentally friendly roof and you live in the area, you should contact the Roofing Company Dallas TX or the Radiant Barrier Dallas TX. They will provide you with top quality service and allow you to become more environmentally responsible by installing roofs made of these materials. These experts will answer any questions you may have about the process.

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