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How Developers Can Promote Green Living Within Their Buildings

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
How Developers Can Promote Green Living Within Their Buildings

La Citta Vita

Helping our environment requires a lot of teamwork to actually succeed. From contractors, developers and builders to homeowners and residents, going green takes everyone’s cooperation. The homes we live in are a huge source of energy consumption.

According to a report from the EPA’s Green Building Workgroup, residential buildings account for about 20% of the United States’ total energy consumption, 51% of the total electricity consumption, and more than 18% of the nation’s total carbon dioxide emissions. While these figures are extremely alarming, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that future generations have the same beautiful earth that we currently enjoy.

These steps are actually easier to take than many of us may know. By investing in eco-friendly appliances and home materials, you are doing your part in making the world a better place on a day to day basis just by changing your living quarters. These changes will not only help the environment, but they also can lower your bills and can help you live a healthier life.

When looking for a home developer or an apartment or condominium community, see if there are eco-friendly options available that support some of the following initiatives:

  • Promoting car-sharing and the use of smaller economic or electric cars and offer reasonable incentives for doing so. The more you can get these types of cars used by residents the larger the reduced emissions and congestion that are put into the atmosphere.
  • Implement electric car charging stations.
  • Supporting Earth Hour within your buildings. Earth hour is an hour on the last Saturday of

March when homes and businesses are encouraged to turn off their lights to raise awareness about climate change.

  • Recycling programs and green cleaning supplies offerings that are easy for residents to participate in and use.
  • When developers are designing the building see if they offer green options like the following:
    • Opt for low-E Tinted glass which maintains optimal temperature control in each residence.
    • Bamboo flooring – durable and renewable resource.
    • Tiling made from recycled materials.
    • Try to use only countertops and tiles that are made with materials that inhibiting mold, mildew, and bacterial growth that are ultimately harmful to the air quality.
    • Install faucets, shower heads and toilets that conserve water.
    • Energy efficient appliances that operate with minimal energy consumption and lowest temperature necessary.
    • Food disposals

While some of these options may not be offered at most communities or homes, and may seem pricier, it is definitely worth investing in and simply mentioning to developers and building owners to lower costs in the long run and to do what is necessary to save our environment.

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  • Lotta

    Good article – but the building on the photo is not appropiate. This building (wich I know very well) is not a green building and the people how lives here lives like any other citizens in the city of Malmö/Sweden. Energy consumtion is probably above average in this house. Most of the people in the house drive their own car, the domestic watse goes to incineration (like all other domestic waste in this region). The house was build in 2001, but is still struggling with lack of qualities and reparation issues – not sustainable at all!!! But it´s a nice location :)