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Battling the ‘Big Six’: The Best Way to Boycott Extortionate Charges from Energy Companies

Contributing AuthorsContributing Authors
Battling the ‘Big Six’: The Best Way to Boycott Extortionate Charges from Energy Companies

Sam Howzit

Despite the desperate need to reduce the burning of carbon fuels throughout the world, many people are still reluctant to accept that eco-friendly ways of producing energy really work. There are a huge number of homeowners out there who would never consider switching to eco-friendly energy – meaning they’re quite happy to go on paying through the nose for a resource that’s effectively destroying the world!

Renewable Energy – The Misconceptions

Throughout the UK the same misconceptions about renewable energy are prevalent both amongst the general population and even the engineers and scientists working within the energy field. These misconceptions are that renewable resources cost too much to develop, are difficult to manage and the resources available are insufficient to make a difference.

However, the recent publication of a new in depth investigation into renewable energy, ‘The Offshore Valuation’, has thrown out the gauntlet to renewable energy nay-sayers by attempting a complete economic evaluation of the offshore renewable energy resource available in the UK, which produced some startling results.

Transforming UK Energy

According to the study, the UK could become a net electricity exporter and be generating the equivalent of a million barrels of oil by 2050 by developing just a third of the total tidal, wind and wave power available around the country.

This could have a huge number of benefits including insuring against the volatility of fossil fuel prices, creating over 140,000 new jobs and generating more than £30 billion in revenue through exporting electricity to Europe.

Another study published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers asserted that the notion that renewable energy resources are too small couldn’t be more wrong. The study found that in theory, a large scale solar, wind and water energy system could supply the needs of the whole world, leading to significant benefits financially and ecologically.

Battling the Big Six

Britain’s energy companies appear to have UK citizens over a barrel, but there’s no reason why homeowners should pay extortionate fees for energy when there are so many viable alternatives available that don’t cost the Earth.

Transforming the UK’s energy production systems on a large scale will require substantial costs initially, but when you offset this against the savings made by utilising renewable energy, over time the cost of initial installation is recouped.

In terms of households, it can seem like a lot of money to install solar panels, a wind turbine or switch to a Biomass boiler, but when you consider that within a relatively short space of time you could be producing not only enough energy to power your home, but also a surplus that you can sell back to the grid, it’s easy to see that paying to transform your own home’s heating is a savvy investment. Or if you want to make savings and help the environment in the quickest and easiest way possible then switch to an eco-friendly energy provider of which you’ll find several in the UK offering very reasonable premiums.

So if you feel like you’re getting taken for a ride every time you open up your energy bill then boycott the big six energy companies and switch to renewable energy today.

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